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8" X 4-3/4" L&W Metal Spreader Snap Tie


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Detailed Description

Dayton Superior A3 Standard Snap Ties are manufactured with either hot- or cold-forged integral heads. A-3 snap ties have a nominal 1" breakback with 1/4" and 1/2" breakbacks available on special order. Breakbacks over 1" can be provided on special order, but, due to the increased concrete bond, Dayton Superior cannot guarantee that the ties will consistently provide proper breakback. Coating the tie ends with wax will aid in breakback operation.
2,250 lbs. Safe Working Load
How to Order:
Specify: (1) quantity, (2) name, (3) wall thickness, (4) lumber and wedge dimension (allow 1/2" for wedge take up), (5) breakback.

Example: 3,000 pcs. A3 Standard Snap Tie, 18" wall, 8-1/4" L&W, 1" breakback.
Each A3 snap tie is fabricated with flats or crimps to prevent the snap tie from turning in the concrete during breakback operations. A3 Snap Ties are available with fixed metal spreader washers.

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